Sunday, January 27, 2008

Need a website for your home business- WHY?

If you are going to start an Online Home Business from home, it is very important to have a website. A website with good content and design. There are many reasons to have one website to begin your online home business. Here is a list of benefits on having a well designed website to make money online.
  1. To receive international customers
  2. Business grows when the number of visitors increases
  3. Less expensive than starting an off-line business
  4. You can implement Pay per click programs to earn money for each click
  5. You can sell products of other companies for great percentage of commission
  6. When you start earning, you can spend some money on your website development. You can keep on increasing the visitor numbers and develop your business too
  7. It is very easy to process the online payments
When you look in the list above, you may think that designing a website is more difficult. But it is not so difficult. There are many easy methods available on internet to design and publish your website. Basically I am a Mechanical Gas Turbine Technician . But I learned so many techniques on making money online from home during the last three years. Internet is giving you everything to learn techniques. All you need to do is start learning. In my next posts I will try to explain some of the ways to earn money from your website without selling any product or service. It is true and possible if you really want it.

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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Work at home job OR business?

Which is best for making money online? A work at home JOB or BUSINESS.

Work at home job
If you search for an genuine online work from home job on the Internet, you can find plenty of jobs. Some of them even promise you, You can make huge money working from home just pending 2 Hrs a day. There are many kind of Internet jobs are available. Among them Data entry, Type at Home and Paid survey are very famous. There are plenty websites providing this kind of jobs to work from home. But, What is the reality? Did they provide what they promise after you join with them?
Most of this kind of websites are doing scams. They have beautifully designed website with lot of attractive words to make you join with them. You will be get all the answers in prompt time before they receive your money. Once they receive your money, you will become completely helpless. May be you will receive some useless documents with useless information. Most of this kind of job providers are not providing the true contact information.
It is really difficult to find a real work at home job provider. Even if you find someone, they will not able to pay as you are expecting.
When I compared many aspects, it is very difficult to provide a genuine job to you by a job provider. So, we will move to an Online work at home business.

Work at home business
If you start an home business, there are many possibilities to grow your business and make huge money in a step-by-step manner. You can learn many new things everyday and improve your knowlege asset on making money online. Here you are working for your future. What ever you worked will gain you profit through out your life time.
I will explain in detail, How you can money online using your computer and Internet.

John J.K.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Work at home business in India

What the Indian people are expecting from a online work at home business in India?
When I looked into the keyword count for a month, I found that many people are looking for an home based business scheme in India on the internet. But what they really think of it? What they expect from it?
After I asked many visitors to my website, most of them replied the same way. They need some kind of job, easy to do on internet and to make big money. They are not ready to spend even a small amount of money for their future. They are not ready to learn what is an online home business. They don't want to hear how the people are making money on internet.
I replied to them and detailed them that it is not easy. You need to learn a lot of techniques. You need to spend some little money. You have to work hard to start making money from your home based business in India. So, what I got from them in reply was nothing. Most of them are not really ready to work hard for their future. They are not ready to learn a new technique. They need money without any kind of effort.
Most of this visitors were looking for some kind of Type-at-Home business or Data entry kind of businesses. These kind of people will one day loose their money on some scam schemes. Scam work at home job providers are looking for this kind of people and give away promises which are much favorable to this kind of visitors. So, finally loose their money and finish their search for an online home business. Most of them ends here loosing their hard earned money for nothing.
What here I like to say is learn, learn and learn. Then spend some money to practice it. After two or three years you will start making money slowly. By this time you will be well aware of the techniques. So, you can start increase your earning within a short time in a step-by-step manner. This is the real secret of making money working from home in India.

John J.K.

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Sunday, July 01, 2007

In home business-selling what?

What you can sell on your Online home business website or blog to make money?
  • Product
  • Service
As I explained in my previous posts, you can select your choice of products by finding what the people are looking for on the internet. This is possible by using keyword selection tools and studying it for a while. Choose a product which could be easy to deliver. If you are professional, you can sell informational studying material like Books, E-books, Audio Books, DVDs, etc., If you are a software professional you can develop a specific software which is mostly searched by people online. It is your decision. I can not specify any one particular product here to sell it through your online work from home business website. The options are wide.

Recently when I searched for my place's name on the keyword selection tool, I found that many people are looking for "Car Hiring" details. As this place is a small town, a separate website seems very expensive. So, we designed a blog with the blog's address keyword rich. We posted details of car hire with the right keyword rich heading. We put more details and designed it well. We approached different website related to Car hire, My place and different blog directoris to build the incoming link. So, we got inquiries and we are done.
This is an small example of making money from home selling a service. You don't need to own a car to do this. You keep contact with good travel agents. If you bring them customers, you will get the commission paid. But all you need to do is, make your customers believe you. You need to show them you are a professional.

Whether it is a service or product, you have to look like a real professional to successfully make a sale on your website. The first impression is the best impression. You have to provide the details very clearly so that the customer should not go for another website. A professionally well designed website is necessary to achieve your visitors trust.
I will try to explain some very important steps you need to concentrate while designing your own work from home business website or blog.
Look my other posts for details on designing to achieve success.
Meanwhile, you can visit my website for very useful Online Home Business related books and DVDs.

John J.K.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Domain registration - How?

How to register a domain name?
It is very easy. If you are in India and going to register your domain name with, it is very easy. First of all register with them. Then search for the domain name. If it is available, go for check out. When you go for payment, you will be provided with lot of additional services. Most of them will not be necessary at the beginning of your online home business. You can proceed to the payment section without selecting any options. Finally select any one of the payment option to pay you yearly registration charges.
Once it is registered, you will receive all the payment details and registration confirmation immediately on your email. Now you can manage your domain name from your "My Account" page. This page will be available on the top of once you sign-into your account using your user name and password. From this account page you can manage everything. If you have any doubts, they have very good knowledge base. If you don't get the right details, you may raise a support request. They will send you the explanation to your email.
So, start your online home business in India now by registering your first domain name.

John J.K.